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Why Is Mandate AB1825 Shaking Up Business Owners

Company officials in many California businesses are still stirred at their desk since the Mandate AB1825 was launched. There is no appeal in sight. The new sexual harassment and discrimination law states that all companies with 50 or more employees must send their managers or supervisors to at least two hours or more of mandatory California sexual harassment training.

Minimum is two hours. The best companies usually send their workers to all day live classes for a more effective prevention training. At present, e-learning is very popular and some companies start going in that direction. They do this because its only two hours away from work and the employees can do the required work at their office terminal.

Company officials believe that seems fair and it would be major savings. The courts and the mandate considers e-learning acceptable, and one of the many ways of meeting the requirements of the new law. This is accepted as long as a variety of prevention topics are covered in the sessions.

What the companies fail to recognize is that just one lawsuit could ruin that savings in a minute. According to a specialist, “there is nothing like live classes.” The excellent part of having the training in a classroom setting is that you have a knowledgeable teacher right in front of you and you have immediate feedback.