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What is B2B Marketing?

B2B refers to the relationship between one or more companies, whether it is goods or services. B2B marketing is not intended for final customers (B2C) but in companies and independent individuals. The abbreviation matches "business to business". 

Advertising steps are tailored to this particular customer and take into account the special features that must be handled by the company: for example, a company often not only concludes contracts but is required by long-term processes, which, for example, provides to get written offers. 

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The 8 best b2b marketing resources of 2020

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B2B advertising steps must clearly address these special features:

Successful B2B Marketing:

Instead of simple products that are mostly clear and aim at quick conclusions, as usual in the final customer sector, B2B marketing offers that can also be very complicated and need an explanation but are tailored to customer needs.

B2B marketing steps that are successfully based on excellent websites from advertisers, which bundles all communication channels, social media use, and email marketing. Content marketing, starting from blogs to videos, is also increasingly important.

Special features in B2B marketing:

Thus, the number and products implemented are partly different from the B2C marketing, which is finally needed by personal individuals in the rarest case. As software for industrial engine control or accounting for several hundred employees.

In particular, lead generation and thus the acquisition of customers has been very important in B2B marketing in recent years. 

Thus, marketing increasingly requires tasks related to sales, because potential customers are guarded by marketing until they are truly ready for business. This can be achieved mainly with high marketing success tools and techniques.