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What Is a Password Manager

Do you always click on the ‘Forgot Password’ field on your account?
Do you have one password that you use in all your online accounts?
Do you feel like crazy scientists who try to find out a unique and unpredictable password?

If you have answered yes to even one of these questions – you need a password manager.

Password managers or secure password vault managers come in two varieties – offline and online. Depending on your needs, one might be more suitable than another or you can choose both. The number one thing to keep your eyes open for is security – Advanced Encryption Standard is recommended.

More MUST features are – password generators – creating unique, strong passwords for each of your accounts: import/export feature so you don’t find yourself in stuck in vendor lock in; and of course there is compatibility – with all the operating systems on the market, you need to make sure your password manager is compatible.

Most of the time, all this value puts no strain on your pocket – you’d be surprised how many great applications are free.

Offline Password Managers

Offline password managers are desktop applications which are downloaded and installed on your personal computer so your data is accessible only from your computer itself. When you want to log into a website all you have to do is access your password manager and look up what you need. Offline password managers are not portable by nature so you’ll need an encrypted USB drive to carry your passwords around with you.

Online Password Managers

Online password managers are a new breed – more versatile since they move with you. The important thing to keep in mind with online applications is – do your research and pay careful attention to security! You want to be sure that your information is never at risk since you are working online. Remember – the internet is neither safe nor unsafe – it all depends how you use it.