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What are the key responsibilities of product managers in Safe?

Product managers have many important responsibilities. These can be divided into the following areas.

Vision and roadmap

The vision must reflect the business and customer needs. Product management is responsible. The vision must align with the company's strategic themes and should include both a long-term plan for the entire organization as well as a vision for each ART. Based on the delivery milestones, Safe goods holder depicts release and program roadmaps.

Understanding the customer and business needs

The customer is represented by the product managers. Continuous exploration is required to determine what customers want and need. These insights are used to help create the vision and roadmap. To ensure alignment, product managers work closely with business stakeholders.

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Backlog of program

The program backlog is under the control of product management. A program kanban is used to define features, which include a benefit hypothesis, acceptance criteria, as well as analyze the economic impact using "Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)". Product management approves features and moves them to the program backlog. Prioritization is made for their implementation.

Program increment planning

Product management presents the vision, roadmap, and top priority features of the program backlog during PI planning. Based on technical knowledge, capacity and dependencies, agile teams evaluate what can be accomplished. The planning team collaborates to determine the overall goals for the PI. 

Product management reviews the outputs from PI planning and updates the roadmap. They also adjust the forecast for the two next PIs.

Validating features

At the end of each iteration within PI, a system demo is held. The demo is run by product managers and product owners. This demo is a chance to get feedback from primary stakeholders, and to review progress towards the PI goals. The product management reviews the features and approves their release.