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Understanding SIP Trunk And Its Benefits

SIP trunk has long been used by many businesses around the world primarily to reduce their telecommunication costs. Sadly, not all business owners are aware of this incredible savings opportunity and some are just skeptical because of the fear of the unknown.

SIP trunk is a cost effective solution brought by VoIP or Voice over IP. This mean that calls are routed using the Internet in digital forms rather than analog signals through a copper wire. In a traditional phone line calls are routed from end to end users using a network called PSTN or SIP trunking.

Securing Your Network with a Dispersed Workforce

You can think of it as a massive switchboard with various protocols that control all your calls regardless of whether you are using a mobile or a landline. This massive switchboard requires regular maintenance and upgrade to sustain its regular functions which lead to expensive calling charges, flag falls and line rental.

A SIP Trunk on the other hand does not use the PSTN to transmit a call but rather just connect to the PSTN to terminate the call for non SIP Trunk users.

By bypassing the PSTN SIP calls are relatively cheaper because the protocol and the network that SIP trunk uses requires less maintenance and upgrade. This simple fact equates to about 50% to 70% savings on your monthly bills on top of the other many benefits of the technology.