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Preparations Needed for an Intervention in New Jersey

It is a common misconception that most people believe that in order to help someone who has a substance abuse or addiction, the addict or alcoholic must hit rock bottom before they can be helped.

For many family members and friends, sitting by helplessly and watching as their loved one destroyed their life; waiting for the "bottom" was painful, difficult, and heartbreaking.

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Is addiction a brain disease?

There is now, a different attitude towards helping a loved one with substance abuse or addiction and the consensus is that it actually does more harm than good to sit back and wait. Not only are there serious ramifications that can hold the family responsible for doing nothing, but the stress created within the family can cause health and financial for them as well.

1. Make the decision an intervention is needed

For many families, initiating an intervention is often times the best solution for loved ones to deal with a family member with substance abuse or addiction. When planned appropriately and carried out correctly, an intervention can be effective in encouraging and successfully getting the family member into detox and rehab treatment.

The intervention can also be a healing tool for the family as they learn more about the addiction and a deeper understanding of how their loved one is affected.

2. You need to plan the intervention

An intervention is a formal and structured conversation and it follows a precise format. It is more than attacking your loved one about their drug or alcohol addiction, but it is also stronger than a simple conversation. An intervention takes weeks to plan. In some cases, families call on a professional interventionist, but it can just as well be planned and carried out without a professional.