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What People With Asthma Need to Know About Face Masks

As all of us return to work, school and public areas, face masks, and blankets have become vital tools in our struggle against COVID-19 (the new coronavirus). But sporting a face-covering raises many questions for individuals with asthma. 

Why Do We Have to Wear Face Masks or Coverings Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic? Physical distancing (also referred to as social distancing) helps slow down the spread of COVID-19. So why do we have to wear sheets? You can wear lite face mask for your comfort and safety.


Wearing a face mask or covering can make COVID-19 symptoms less intense should you get it. Several studies reveal that face caps or masks may lessen the number of particles of this new coronavirus you choose in, which may lead to milder illness.

Should People With Asthma Wear Face Coverings or Masks?

The CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) both recommend that you wear masks or cloth face coverings in people where you can not maintain a suitable distance from other men and women. The WHO recommends wearing a cloth mask that lets you breathe while walking and talking fast.

A face covering might not be best for everybody. According to the CDC, these folks shouldn't wear sheets:

  • Kids under age 2
  • Anybody who has difficulty breathing
  • Anybody Who's unconscious, Not Able to help themselves can't remove the mask onto their

Some individuals with allergies may experience distress or have difficulty breathing while wearing a face covering.