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Best-Known Cityscape Artists In London

Each city has something special, fascinating, and attractive to take a closer look at the heart of the city. Over the centuries, urban landscapes – with the attractiveness and secret of city views fascinated artists and poets has shown great interest in art pieces.

People started portraying, the views of Rome back in the 1st century. In 1661, Jan Vermeer finished his 'View of Delft', which was the first detailed urban landscape. You can find your ideal London cityscape painting for sale at Sara Sherwood.

Establishment of that time, such great cities as Amsterdam, The Hague, and others became very famous among artists. In the 19th century, impressionists depicted special attention to the cityscape, hereby making it one of the most widespread types of graphic art. They wanted to catch a real view of the urban atmosphere, the light, and the weather condition.

List of the top living urban landscape artists:

  • Rackstraw Downes is one of the most famous realist painters of British origin, presently lives in New York City. He is famous for his sequences of paintings named "Four Spots Along a Razor-Wire Fence". His pieces of art look like maps, with all the small details and curved horizontal lines.
  • Richard Estes, an American artist, is known as the father of the photo-realist movement of the 1960s. His paintings look like colored photographs with a three-dimensional look, containing a backward representation of some objects.
  • Yvonne Jacquette is famous for her landscape views of cities. Most of her pictures look like "bird's-eye-views", as they created using satellite imagery or maps. "Rockport Harbor, Maine" made in 2001, is one of the incredible samples of her artwork.