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Speedometer Options for Your Motorcycle

It is difficult to ride a bike on the streets because you have to sacrifice comfort and stability in order to be fast. Install a speedometer to your motorcycle and you will be able to see how fast you are going, how much gas is left in your tank, and other information. 

Look at the selection of speedometers in a bike shop or sporting goods store. There are two types of speedometers: one with cords and one without. You can also get more information about speedometers for sale via


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While cordless speedometers look cleaner and are easier to set up, they can be more expensive and require a battery for both the receiver and speedometer. Both speedometers need a magnet to attach to the spokes of a motorcycle. 

Use the provided rubber bands, zip ties or double-sided velcro to attach the speedometer to the handlebars. Mount the speedometer so you can see the display panel clearly when you are riding. The wire should be run from the speedometer down to the pick-up. Mount the pick-up as close as possible to the hub/rim so that the magnet you are about installing will activate the pick-up. 

To have a precise speedometer, it is important to measure the circumference of the wheel accurately. Move the bike forward so that the front wheel is in a full rotation. The valve stem cap will be again closest to the ground. Mark this point on your road.