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Short Background Facts About Umbrella Tree

Schefflera is one of the most common ornamental plant shrubs due to the beauty of its leaves and its durability. It is valued for its aesthetic appeal, but also for its highly adaptable viability qualities that allow it to thrive in a wide variety of conditions in our homes, apartments and offices.

Because it is easy to breed and survive, it is also often present in office spaces, even when people ignore it. You can also add to cart macho fern plants from online website to enhance your house beauty.

umbrella tree

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Care for Scheffler

Schefflera is quite tolerant of exposure, watering, and the temperature level at which it stands.

In fact, it works very well in rooms where the temperature can range from 12 to 22ºC. It is best to avoid brutal temperature changes.

It should be placed in a bright room, but not exposed to sunlight.

He can tolerate dim light, but he prefers bright light.

Watering is necessary when the soil is dry, but not excessively and preferably with water at room temperature.

Lastly, avoid moving it too often as this tree takes time to adapt to its new environment.

You should transplant your Scheffler every 2 or 3 years.

See our instructions for transplanting your Scheffler.

Pruning Scheffler

It is necessary to branch the Scheffler trunk