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Self Tanning Products – Tan On The Go!

Self-tanning products are certain chemicals that help you to get that perfect tan without stepping out into the sun! In the late 60s, it was discovered that the conventional method of tanning that involves exposing your body to the sun can lead to skin cancer. It was then that self-tanning came into the picture in a big way and a lot of sunless products were launched.

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There are many different kinds of self-tanning products, lotions, and sprays available in the market such as –

* Self-tanning products containing DHA or dihydroxyacetone. These sunless products are the most effective as the tan that is created after their use does not paint or a dye but in fact, is a result of a chemical reaction between the amino acid present in the skin and the DHA! This tan is temporary and fades between three and ten days.

* There are also self-tanning products containing the chemical tyrosine. These come in the form of lotions and pills and claim to increase the formation of melanin which accelerates the tanning process. But, they have to be used with UV rays for them to work.

* Another self-tanning product is a self-tanning pill containing canthaxanthin. This is also used to add color to food. However, as a sunless one, much larger quantities are used which can be harmful. When this pill is consumed it turns a layer below the skin into an orange-brown color. But, this product has been noted to have many harmful side effects and must be used with care.