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Secure Airport Parking – A Guide to Parking and Protecting Your Car

Even though security measures are in place in the busiest airports in the United Kingdom, some criminals still take their chances for a wide selection of targets. Airport parking is one of those little tasks that most of us have to do before heading to the airport. Although car parking companies have their security measures, we should also do our bit for burglar-proof cars.

Airport parking on and off

No matter which airport parking company you decide to book, they all have secure parking. These companies are also monitored by the airport owners to make the passengers hassle-free. All Sydney Airport Parking companies have their security measures for their customers.

Common security measures are CCTV surveillance cameras, with well-lit, fenced-in areas 24 hours a day all year round. Passengers also have the option of booking an undercover parking area. Driver Services also have their safeguards to protect your car from being handed over to the wrong person.

The driver carries with them a form of identification that is described in the instructions sent to you by the company. Your car goes into a storage area that is protected and monitored even when you're away.

If you're not convinced online or via phone, it's best to take a tour of the area to see for yourself. An employee will not hesitate to give you a chance to look around if you are confident in your company's security measures.

If you decide to do it yourself, park your car with surveillance cameras or security/parking lot attendants. You will have a witness in case anything like this happens. Get the steering guard wheel lock and make sure the alarm works. It's best not to have stickers or decals advertising what type of car alarm you have. If you hired a driver, bring a confirmation and look for identification with you.

Travelers need not worry as it is easy to get secure airport parking. Parking company security and your contribution provide a good way to ward off any thief.