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Safety And Working With A Tidd Crane

Tidd Australia is one of the most experienced operators of all terrain cranes in Australia. We operate a fleet of 4 tidd cranes, which can be found on many major construction sites throughout the country. 

Whether it is a large civil engineering project or a small residential renovation, our tidd cranes are the perfect tool for the job. If you want to buy a tidd crane, you can click over it.

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Safety is always our number one priority when operating our cranes, and we take every precaution to ensure that everyone working with our equipment is aware of the safety procedures and safety equipment required.

We have compiled a few tips to help you work safely with a tidd crane: 

  • Always wear appropriate safety gear: A helmet, eye protection, and gloves are essential when working with a tidd crane. 

  • Know the limits of your crane: Each tidd crane has its own weight and lifting capacity. 

  • Stay vigilant: Be on the lookout for potential hazards while operating your cranes, such as loose items, stairs, and any other objects that could tip your crane over.

  • Never leave your tidd crane unattended: Use a remote control when operating the tidd crane to ensure that no one is in danger of being hurt by it.

  • Always have a plan: Never just pick something up and start moving it around. Consider the weight, size, and shape of the item you are planning on moving to determine if you need extra help from your tidd crane. 

Always plan ahead before starting a job by considering the weight of the item you are lifting and how much room there is on your tidd crane for it to move around in before starting the job.