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Reasons Why Beer Is Not Bad For You

It is said that alcohol consumption is harmful to your health. But, the truth is that it isn't good for you. However, recent studies show that drinking alcohol in excess can lead to many health problems. Moderation is a key component of healthy living.

Beer is one of the best alcoholic drinks to consume in moderation. The brew is a great alcoholic drink. It has many health benefits and can be consumed in large quantities. You can find the best and awesome breweries in Iowa to have a beer with the high-quality.

What are the health benefits of drinking brew? What are the benefits of consuming brew (in moderation of course!)?

It is healthy – Beer contains a high amount of antioxidants, much like wine. However, they are slightly different from those found in wine. Whatever type of antioxidant you choose, they are beneficial for your health as they protect you against diseases. Beer also contains high levels of Vitamin B.

Cheers! Unless That Beer Is Making You Sick Cleveland Clinic

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Complex, Iron, and Calcium, as well as Phosphates, fiber, and iron. Reduces the risk of heart disease. Moderate intake of brew can help reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. It increases the levels of high-density lipoprotein, or good cholesterol, in the blood. Vitamin B6 found in the brew can also lower certain chemical levels that are associated with heart disease risk factors.

Reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. It has been proven that water and alcohol in brew dilute urine, increase urine flow, and also increase the excretion of calcium. This lowers the likelihood of kidney stones forming.

Lowers bad cholesterol – Increased intake of soluble fibers can reduce bad cholesterol and keep blood sugar under control.

Stabilizes bones – Beer is high in silicon and can increase bone density and strength bones to prevent osteoporosis.

Memory improvement – Studies have shown that certain properties of brews can improve memory in moderate drinkers. They may also help prevent diseases like Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia.