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Read This Before Switching to mainframe Data Transfer

Are you reaping the full benefits of data transfer solutions? If not you need to know these main features to use it to its full potential.


Data Transfer Solution is the next best thing for your company, it has many advantages and it makes the workflow highly efficient. You can upload heavy files to the cloud in a fraction of minutes, you have one organized space to store all your files and they are easily accessible when needed. 


Although, that's not it. It is so simple to use that you can adapt the structure very easily and have it implemented throughout the organization in a few minutes. Many companies including my own have been growing since we started using the Luminex MDI’s solution for data transfer, is their website link for your reference. 

The main benefits or features of mainframe data transfer solutions are data compression (note- the compression doesn't impact the quality of the file), unlimited data transmission, big file data transfer, and cross-platform data sharing.

However, before partnering with any brand for a data transfer solution make sure you understand the features provided by them in the software and as well as do go through the reviews for the company providing you with the services. We too did thorough research before subscribing to the LuminexMDI solution.