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Quick Tips for Traditional Home Restoration After a Fire

When an individual suffers from a fire, there is a method of rebuilding. This process includes rebuilding the foundations, replacing all of the materials that have been destroyed, and even rebuilding part of the roof. There are also secondary needs to consider such as new materials for insulation and windows. The process can be a very long and difficult one due to its many steps. You may pop up to this website for professional consultants who will guide you.

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What are the Three Tipping Points for Traditional Home Restoration After a Fire?

  • After a fire, there are three key tipping points where traditional home restoration can occur. The first tipping point is when the fire department arrives and begins to put out the blaze. 
  • The second tipping point is when insurance adjusters and other representatives from the insurance company arrive. This is usually two to four days after the fire. 
  • The third and final tipping point is when people decide to start restoring their homes. This can range from a few days to a few months after the fire.

How to Determine the 3 Tipping Points

1. Talk to a Restoration Contractor

2. Inspect the Damage and Make a Plan

3. Have the Right Insurance in Place

Here are a few quick tips to help you get started:

1. Estimate the damage and gather all of the receipts for any materials or services you used in restoration work. 

2. Get estimates from qualified professionals to help with specific aspects of restoration, like carpentry or electrical work. 

3. Save all photos, drawings, and other documentation related to your project — this information can be very helpful if there are future questions about what was done, who did it, and when it was done.

4. Have an evacuation plan in place just in case things go wrong during restoration and smoke or flames start coming out of the walls or ceilings (this has actually happened!).