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Printers that can Print by Connecting with a Smartphone

Brisbane commercial printer

Smartphones are getting smarter and faster every year. Moreover, transferring or sharing documents, pictures, videos and more have become way easier. When it comes to the documents, a hard copy is still required in the time of an emergency. For instance; you are required to carry a hard copy of documents when traveling from destination to another by air, flight, bus. During such instances, your smartphone comes in the picture allowing us to print various forms of documents once connected with the printer. Here are a few popular printers that allow us to print with ease. 

  1. Printers from HP – One of the best features about HP printers are the built-in software making it easy to connect the printer with the phone. You can connect the phone and printer in the same wireless network and viola; your printed copy is printed right in front of your eyes. Moreover, HP printers are also known to offer easier access to iPhone users. The iPhone user only needs to download the AirPrint app to connect with HP printers before pressing the “Print” option.
  2. Printers from Canon – If you don’t have the skills about technology, then the canon printers are there to your rescue. All you need to do is download the Canon printer app on your phone, connect with the printer and get ready to print. Just before the document is printed, you will see a pop-up message to ensure your phone is connected to the printer from Canon. Select the Canon option and let the printer do the rest of the work.

A commercial printer in Brisbane is capable of offering this feature when connected to your phone.