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Outdoor Hoops For the Basketball Enthusiast

Think about Saturday mornings after breakfast or weekday evenings after a long work or school day. You'll be heading out to your backyard or driveway for a quick game with friends or family. You can relax, lose weight, get in shape, or just unwind with an outdoor hoop. A basketball hoop can help you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Two things could happen when you consider all the options available to busy consumers today. You can easily get overwhelmed and make the wrong decision. You can also find the perfect wall basketball hoop for your home by doing some research and comparing. It will be worth the effort to ask the right questions and get the best advice from the salesperson.

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There are many styles and sizes available for hoops. You can purchase the entire unit including a hoop, net, and pole. This option allows your outdoor hoop to mount directly to your home.

Wall-mounted units can attach to any pitch roof and have an easy-to-use hand crank that adjusts the height. There are a variety of fixed height backboards or hoops available if you don't require height adjustment for your wall-mounted unit.

For homeowners with more space in their front yard, or who want to have fun on the street outside their home, portable units are very popular. The units include a base, which can be filled with water or sand, as well as a pole and the entire backboard including hoop and net.