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Mobile App Testing Goals And Methodologies

In the field of mobile app testing, for example, there are several possible goals. The goal of any testing should be derived from the person or company who is requesting it. These are the people who are effectively paying for the testing to be completed and so this is a key factor in determining the goal. You can get more information about mobile app testing via

Testing for mobile apps is often done without thinking about the end goal. It can lead to wasted time for testers and worse, inadequate testing of the mobile app. The mobile app tester should take on board the requirements or instructions for the testing. They should analyze these and determine if the proposed testing will be sufficient to satisfy them. 

During this analysis phase, questions can and should be asked by the tester in order to determine the goal. If the tester does not feel that the proposed testing will be sufficient, then they should highlight this fact immediately and propose alternative methods to achieve the intended goal.

As an example, let's say a mobile app is developed by a company, they ask you to test it for them. They have given you no explicit instruction, they just want it tested. Now, in order to test the mobile app effectively, you need to ask some questions to form your testing goal.