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Medical Equipment Every Nursing Home Should Have On Hand

Residents of nursing homes are more likely to visit the hospital than others. For people with dementia, these hospital stays can be very disruptive and scary. The right nursing home care equipment can manage minor medical conditions.

This can prevent them from getting worse, and reduce the need for residents to be transported to the hospital. It is important to have the right supplies available for nursing home emergencies. So invest in your residents and get these supplies.

Minor injuries can be treated at the nursing home without the need to transport the patient. You should ensure that the community has a large first aid kit with basic medication for pain, such as bandages, disinfectants, gloves, and burn medication.

Patients should be informed about the medical supplies that the nursing home is investing in. Many will require catheters, bladder bags, bedpans, or similar items.

Patients who are unable to move independently may require assistance. To help patients move when they need care, invest in bed lifts, support systems, and stretchers.

Although training is not something you can keep in your supply closet, it is still an essential component of high-quality nursing home care. A community could be held liable if it misuses equipment like defibrillators and catheters.

Your staff must be trained in the proper use of each piece. You should designate someone or a team to handle highly specialized equipment. Some medical equipment is only safe for paramedics, EMTs, or other professionals. Check state regulations and carefully read the instructions.