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Lower Cremation and Funeral Costs – Advice From Funeral Director

Cremation rates have increased in recent years. Many believe this is due to increased funeral costs, forcing families to choose this method of disposal for financial reasons. Others believe that this is just an option for the last order, the time has come and financial aspects have nothing to do with your decision.

Is any inexpensive cremation funeral service available? It really depends on the funeral and the family's choice. Many funeral directors are now offering the best memorial, a limited, in-person funeral service that comes with their cremation offerings at competitive prices. 

7 ways to save on funeral costs - MarketWatch

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This allows these families to choose, rather than be forced by their finances, to choose services they don't really want. I recommend that you talk to your chosen funeral about all the options available before making a decision.

For those who opt for cremation, it offers an economical disposal. Many families now choose to undergo full service and then cremation rather than on-site burial. Another family chose "live cremation" and organized the memorial service themselves.

In my opinion, the final disposal decision should not be enforced by family finances. A reputable funeral home will always work with the family to provide the service they want and can afford. 

Tell your funeral director, ask questions, and you'll be surprised that you can still get an affordable funeral that includes both a ground burial and cremation. The result should be that families make decisions based on choices, not finances.