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International Shipping to Senegal

Senegal is located in West Africa. It borders four other African countries as well as the North Atlantic Ocean. Senegal has a population of close to 14 million people. It is home to many ethnicities and cultures. You can visit Senegal with the best tour company via

Senegal Travel Guide

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This region has a tropical climate that alternates between dry and wet seasons. There are some things you need to know about Senegalese customs. 

Important Documentation before Shipping to Senegal

To be cleared at customs, you will need to have certain documentation before you travel to Senegal and ship household goods. These documents must be mailed 15 days prior to the expected arrival date of your goods.

This document is necessary in order to allow the shipper's employer to apply for the exemption certificate. These documents must be submitted prior to the arrival of your goods.

* A copy of a valid passport

* Certificate of Change of Residence/Moving Certificate

* All invoices for electrical and hi-fi devices and all items purchased within the past 6 months must be renewed.

International shipping to Senegal requires that you keep your paperwork safe and make sure that you have the right documents.

These documents are required for vehicle shipping to Senegal. It is easy to send an international shipment to Senegal if you follow all the protocols and instructions.