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Information About The Wood Pizza Ovens

The wood pizza oven is an authentic and easy-to-use device to bake perfect pizzas and roasts to fresh focaccia. Often made of clay, these small stoves are inexpensive and easy to install. The highest quality wood stoves are mostly handcrafted in Italy by craftsmen with great attention to detail. You are attracted by the pleasures of your lifetime and the pleasure of creating appliances that allow you to prepare gourmet dishes in minutes, not hours. You can also find the best wood-fired oven through the internet.

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The wood pizza oven has a very simple design, but is at the same time very efficient. Most wood stoves are made of refractory clay, which is suitable for intense heat. They are adjusted instantly because no frame is included; All you need is a dome, a cooking floor mounted on the dome wall, a door and a vent. It's that simple, so it takes little or no time to learn how to use a stove. You heat up fast, you pop in your pizza and you enjoy a delicious meal for king 90 minutes later. 

In the wood pizza oven, the heat can be increased to 800°F or 300°F to bake a delicious pizza in just 90 seconds. The coals are ignited and can then be extinguished until a suitable temperature is reached inside. However, at lower temperatures, larger dishes and meats can cook for hours or even all day to perfection. You can set it and completely forget it, but remember that temperature is key. It has to be a strong boil to make bread.