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Inflatable River SUP Boards: What You Need To Know

Inflatable River SUP Boards, or inflatable boards for short, are getting more and more popular recently. You can use them on rivers and calm bodies of water, but they're also great for people who want to try out SUP without spending a lot of money!

River SUP is a type of stand-up paddle board that uses an inflatable raft for support. It is similar to a kayak, but with a wider stance and slightly higher design. This makes it easier to get into and out of the water, and also offers more stability water. 

River SUP boards are generally less expensive than traditional paddle boards, making them a great option for first-time paddlers. You can also buy the best inflatable river SUP boards & pumps for whitewater surfing via Hydrus Board Tech.

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Here are some things you need to know before buying a river SUP board: 

  • The width of the board should be based on your height and weight. The wider the board, the more stable it will be in the water. 
  • The length of the board should be based on your height and how often you plan on using it. The shorter the board, the more maneuverability you will have while paddling. 
  • Choose a board that is evenly inflated. This will make it easier to paddle and stay balanced while in the water.

Types of Inflatable River SUP Boards:

If you’re thinking about buying an inflatable river SUP board, there are a few things you need to know. There are three main types of boards: hard-shell, inflatable, and hybrid.