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Importance of Food Safety

The raw materials used in food products are strictly controlled. The ingredients must be reduced to an acceptable level before they can be used in food products. Material containing parasites, unwanted micro-organisms, drugs for veterinary use, or other decomposed substances will not be accepted for further processing. 

The standards authorities of India FSSAI have issued a new regulation titled Food safety and standards Regulations 2011. This regulation requires that every edible material operator must comply with the regulations regarding food additives and raw materials. However, you can also visit to get the information about the regulations used in it.

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Each operator of an eatery or other edible material-related business must maintain a Register to keep current the information about the raw materials, food ingredients, and ingredients. This Registry can be used to allow food safety inspectors to inspect further.

All raw materials must be physically checked and cleaned in accordance with the FSSAI regulations. Raw material purchases should correspond with their storage and preservation capacities. 

It is important to check the expiry dates of packaged raw materials and edible material ingredients. It is very important to improve economic performance and social welfare. Every edible material operator must ensure that frozen food is received at a temperature of -180C or lower.

FSSAI regulations are used to design and construct food storage facilities. This helps avoid contamination. Proper maintenance and cleaning are required to prevent pest accumulation and access. 

The cold storage facilities can be used for raw, processed, and packed food. Separation schemes are available for raw materials, recalled or returned materials, and other materials. This is done primarily to separate foods from raw materials.