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How to Track Your Email Documents

Privacy is something we all strive to achieve in everyday life. We want privacy when it comes to medical information, credit cards, and phone calls, but we may not think about it with our email. As a business owner it's important you keep the privacy of your clients secure, but it's also important that you handle your business efficiency and effectively.

It is crucial to know what's going on with your business at any time and track your email is one of those ways. If you have already wondered if an email has been received and read, it's a good idea to use a tracking system. 

The main reason for using a tracking system is due to the lack of tools you will find with most standard messaging programs. When you send emails via a free mail service, you will not be warned when the one you sent the mail has been opened and read.

The solution to your concern is the follow-up of the email. I used a service like this during my usual days with my former employer where his courier system returns a delivery reception once the e-mail is opened by the recipient. This is very useful in the workplace where a manager must confirm if his subordinate had indeed received his instruction by email.