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How Can Video Games Enhance Learning?

Games on the internet have become an integral part of our lives. There isn't a single person who hasn't played an activity or been hooked by certain games as a child or even after becoming a teenager. It is typical for parents across the globe in order to prevent their children from being away from playing games due to a worry that their children are likely to become addicted and it will impact their development and their stability. 

Teenagers and adults alike are dissuaded from playing games because it is thought to be inefficient and is not a valuable activity. Recent research proves that everything we've been taught concerning video gaming is different from reality. The latest research shows that they do increase learning skills. In this article, we've provided information on how games aid in learning.

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When playing a video game it is common to assume the role of the player in the game. It could be any role in the game such as a chef, investigator to the role of an investment banker. The roles one assumes ensure that the participants are able to think, speak and behave. They are given a glimpse of the roles they will play or life styles. 

The player in Lineage is able to play the character of an international financial analyst and can deal in raw materials and buy and sell various goods, and speculate about currencies. This kind of thing requires players to think, and it is a position that the player has to be careful about. So, this can help the person who is playing the game to understand the scenario and react in a manner that is appropriate.