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Hosted PBX – An Alternative To Traditional Hardware PBX

Hosted PBX system, which was introduced in the latter half of 1997, basically provides PBX capabilities over the PSTN or via the internet. With Unite hosted PBX users can avail all the functions of a phone and voicemail system, without needing to purchase PBX equipment.

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Hosted PBX offers many advantages in comparison to traditional systems. With a hosted PBX system, the latest features of the Hardware PBX system are made available to users via the use of a hosted server. Because the user is completely free from the headaches associated with maintaining the equipment it is called a virtual phone PBX.

A hosted PBX system is able to provide the customer with all the functions of both voice and telephone systems. The fundamental functions offered are the transfer of calls between extensions, personalized messages for the users on the line, real-time system management, providing precise call logs, custom greetings for calls, the ability to direct several calls through employee extensions, and much more. 

The customer must get the services of a provider that can provide the features that meet the requirements of their business. The main benefits of PBX include its simple maintenance and handling, as well as features like an automated voice call facility, web-based administration enhancement, toll-free pager notification calling by extension, and numerous voice mailboxes.

A well-designed PBX phone system can aid the business in increasing efficiency and improving its image while keeping costs under control.