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Food Handlers Can Be Certified With Food Safety Training

Certified wholesalers are the only way your hospitality business can avoid the risk of reputational damage from failing health inspections and leading customers to foodborne illness or food poisoning. In most provinces and territories, companies are required by law to employ personnel with appropriate food handling certificates.

The problem is often business owners are too busy running their business to ensure traders get the food safety team training they need to do their job. You need a complete solution that can provide your merchants with nationally recognized food safety training courses to keep you and your customers safe while wholesalers can complete interesting and informative courses at their own pace.

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Take the Food Safety Authority (MFS), a nationally accredited online training course that prepares traders for the real challenges of food safety in the workplace. Food safety management is the perfect solution for the hospitality industry without a learning management system (LMS) and gives you instant access to informative courses that appeal to all students.

This course uses a variety of elements, including infographics, relevant case studies, visual problem identification, and self-examination activities, to provide the most comprehensive online training. The use of visual elements in MFS helps companies overcome language barriers and easily communicate generally accepted guidelines, laws, and food safety best practices.

Students can complete 16 module courses and certification exams in their spare time and start, stop and continue where they left off at any time.