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Essentials of a Disc Golf Bag

The essential component of the disc golf experience is the bag. The discs are not the only thing that makes disc golf more enjoyable. Having them around will help you have a safer and more enjoyable experience. You can buy a prodigy disc golf bag online via

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First-Aid Kit

Although it may sound odd, there are many situations where a first-aid kit can be a valuable accessory. It is not the worst thing to be unable to get out of your vehicle after a disc toss and end up with cuts.

First-aid kits that include a healing agent, such as bandages, can help to keep those annoying nicks and scratches from becoming distracting.

Bottled water or sports drink

This is an important part of any disc golf bag, especially during the summer heat. Many players spend whole afternoons in the sun, so staying hydrated is crucial to both your performance and your overall health.

It doesn't matter what level of physical condition you have, it is important to keep hydrated all the time.

Healthy Snacks

It is hard to stay on the course for extended periods of time. A good selection of healthy snacks can help you get the energy you need to keep going. Avoid unhealthy snacks like sugary candy or salty snacks. Choose nuts or beef jerky instead.