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Email Management: How To Manage Email Overload

If your employees complain that they are overwhelmed by email, you are in good company. Email's convenience is quickly lost in the time it takes to read, respond and manage.

Three reasons are important to control your company's email overload. Unruly email management systems can cause problems in compliance, employee efficiency, and electronic discovery. You can get more information about email management via

Email Management

Following are the problems faced by employees if emails are overloaded:

  • Compromised Compliance

A structured electronic content management system (ECM), is essential if your employees receive emails with legal documents attached. This will ensure that all emails related to documenting obligations and commitments are properly recorded and can be easily retrieved.

  • Compromised Employee Efficiency

Recent research shows that employees at large companies spend at least an hour per day responding to emails and manually managing them. Employees are kept busy by their overflowing inboxes and unable to focus on their primary job duties due to the inbox overload.

  • Compromised Electronic Discovery

When litigation is filed against or by your company, electronic legal discovery is often required. It is the process of retrieving, examining, and reviewing electronic records to find relevant information for legal action or compliance reviews.

These are the main problems faced by employees when emails are overloaded. Email automation increases security. Data capture and storage are protected with automated encryption and other security measures. Centralized email storage reduces the risk of security breaches over local machine storage. Automating email retention and destruction in your company eliminates the human factor. This ensures that your email policies are adhered to by all employees.