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Don’t Wear Boring Boy Clothes- Embrace Cool Styles Outfit

Many American designers are still not aware that most boys' clothes are boring. For every 2 boring boys' outfits, there are 10 racks full of girl clothes that are cute and colorful. Many moms complain that the only colors available for boys are blue, gray, and green. A second complaint is the lack of interesting patterns other than the standard horizontal stripes.

What should you do? Here are some suggestions:

Source the web: 

If your only options are the standard Gap stores selling the same boring clothes every kid in the neighborhood is wearing, you might consider sourcing interesting alternatives online. Many lesser-known designers and artists sell cute little boy outfits online.

Be bold: 

Dress your little man in bright colors, deep reds, and even purple. Avoid boring stripes and opt for patterns like madras or even argyle to dress your little fashionista. It's fine to put a pink cotton shirt on a boy instead of a white t-shirt. You can totally style it!

Get Rock and Roll with Your Little One: 

Don't forget the stripes and boring colors! Get a cool tee shirt with a Beatles logo, or Dad's favorite band. Skateboarding fashion is hot right now. Don't let it fool you, skater designers don't forget about toddler sizes. A leather jacket with a motorcycle-style design looks great on a toddler. If you have a tight budget, consider vinyl.