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Different Types of Mountain Bikes For Your Needs

Once you've decided to buy a mountain bike, you need to know that there are many types of bikes that will suit your needs. There are many options. There are at most 5 types of bikes. You can easily check on the website (which is also known as “auf der Website nachschauen” in German language) about riddox bikes and their benefits.

Each bike has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. It is important to determine where you plan on riding your bike and what obstacles you might encounter. This information will help you choose the right mountain bike for you.

These are the different types of bicycles.

1. Cross country or CX bikes. These bikes can be used for off-road excursions with little to no obstacles. These bikes are lightweight at around 20-30 pounds. 

2. Hardtail: Although they don't have rear suspension, the hardtail can be fitted with suspension forks to make it more comfortable. They are lighter than full-suspension mountain bikes, have better seat-stay and chain-stay, and require less maintenance.

3. Full Suspension Mountain Bikes: Full suspension bikes look like a motorcycle and have a front fork as well as a rear suspension. These bikes are easier to ride but heavier than hardtails.

4. Downhill mountain bikes: This mountain bike is made for riding downhill and terrorizing steep descents. These bikes are about 40 pounds in weight, but they can be raced at a speed of around 20 mph.

5. Freeride Mountain Bicycles: Similar to a downhill mountain bike, but lighter and easier to pedal. Although it is a cross between the cross-country bike and the downhill mountain bike, this bike does not perform well.