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Cool Summer Drink Recipes From Around The World

Summer is a great time to try out new recipes, especially when you're on vacation in a hat, sunglasses, and straw, making it the ideal time to relax. Summer is vacation time for many, deadlines, meetings and laptops for others. 

You can try this exotic and refreshing drink which will give you a dream about your dream destination and will make you too. This drink will keep you cool in hot weather. You can also check for the best wine wisdom through the web.

Summer Drinks

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Some recipes contain tea. Make sure you only use luxury tea brands whenever possible to make that summer cooler even tastier:


This is a classic summer combination of ice cream and oranges. When mixed, it acquires a tropical zing, making it the perfect unique drink to refresh your spirits and enjoy the Brazilian coast in your home.

– Recipe:

In a glass, beat the sweetened condensed milk, sugar and lime. Now add as much water as you like until well blended. Pour the mixture through a sieve into a glass. Now add the remaining water. Mix well and serve with shaved ice.


Do you dream of enjoying summer on the beach in Bangkok with boardroom meetings? No need to think before drinking Cherry Thai Iced Tea. Few things in the world are as good as iced tea.

– Recipe:

The Thai iced tea recipe is very simple and easy to make. Start by boiling water to make black tea. When the water is hot, add the tea bag, cloves, and star anise and let it soak in the kettle for 5 to 10 minutes.