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Business Cards – How It All Started

Exchanging business cards is so natural when you meet someone you want to be in touch with, as they have achieved the status of a social convention, but where did it all start? What got us into the habit of exchanging a little printed card to make sure colleagues and other business contacts could stay in touch?

First days

It all started in Europe in the 16th century, probably in France, when knights used letters to write notes to each other, and such was the acceptance of card games as a quest for knights that they were accepted as legally binding documents.

Metal business card

Businessmen soon embraced social convention for their professional needs and recognized the potential to advertise their products and services, as well as to let people know where they were. At that time, newspapers had limited circulation and printing techniques, so no other form of mass advertising was available. You can buy Metal business card via browsing the web.

By printing a basic map of how to find the store or business on the cards, they also became top of the business directory. As printing techniques improved during the 18th and 19th centuries, so did the sophistication of business cards, with ever-improving colors and graphic designs, and business card production became a major printing industry by own right.

Business cards emerge

At the end of the 19th century, the business card as we see it today began to emerge in the United States, where there was a clear distinction between the business card and the business card. Business cards were a social delicacy, used by the elite, and well done.

The business cards also had the name and details of the person who delivered them, but stores and businesses used them much more to promote themselves. Using a business card for social purposes was considered very rude, implying that they were promoting the job. Then, for the first time, a distinctive business card appeared.