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Best Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

Snorkelling is a great way to enjoy the sea and be amongst beautiful marine life. Snorkelling is more relaxing than SCUBA. Snorkelling lets you swim under the water surface, see brightly-coloured fish, find beautiful corals, and even swim with dolphins, sea turtles, and seals. You can also get more information about snorkelling via

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Here are some great tips to help beginners snorkelers.

Never underestimate the ocean. Even if your experience swimming is good, you should never underestimate the ocean.

Learn about the limitations of your snorkel gear. Ensure you are aware of your limits. You can try your equipment on if you are just beginning snorkelling. Make sure it fits correctly and then go for as long as you can in shallow water. This will allow you to practice your snorkelling skills, get used to your equipment and discover your limits. This is something that even the most experienced snorkelers do, no matter how many times they have been to their snorkel spot before.

Don't touch turtles or fish. They are not happy to be harassed, and the less you do so, the more likely they will swim alongside you and continue their business. This gives you great opportunities for video, photos and experiences. Keep your fingers out of crevices and holes. You may find that some underwater animals like the moray-eel snap at your hand, and you might pull back with one or two fingers.

Keep Calm. Avoid Panic.

There are always things that go wrong. Even in the tranquillity of a snorkelling spot, things can go wrong. To survive, it is important to remain calm. Learn how to drain your mask. Learn how to drain your snorkel tube.