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Benefits Of Honed Concrete In Gold Coast

Honed Concrete, a durable decorative concrete finish, is laid and left for a while before being machine-honed (ground). This exposes the unique aggregate stone to each mix. It is sealed and cleaned once it has dried.

Creating a stunning, modern-styled flooring that will impress all visitors. You can also add non-slip treatment to ensure a safe and secure installation of your pool floor. You can create a seamless transition from your floor’s inside to outside with honed concrete in Gold Coast via This stylish decorative concrete finish adds a contemporary touch to any space.

What is Honed concrete? |

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Honed Concrete can be found in many areas including walkways, patio/alfresco flooring, and pool areas. It is versatile in its design and color, which allows for unique features to be created that are perfect for your home.

Honed Concrete is versatile in its design. It adds more to a space than its modern, luxurious appeal. The honed concrete mixes are experts in the creation of decorative concrete mixes. They deliver consistent and reliable results for residential and commercial projects.

Benefits Of Honed Concrete:

Resistant Against Elements:

It is strong and unyielding in design. Honed concrete can withstand any weather conditions, from hot summer days to stormy nights.

Low Maintenance:

You can save time and money. It doesn’t take much effort to keep honed concrete looking its best. Talk to your contractor or call us about maintenance.


Honed Concrete requires very little maintenance to keep it looking great. It is extremely resistant to pressures and other elements, which gives it long-lasting performance.