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An Overview of Gas Masks and Respirators

Nato gas masks have a shelf life of approximately two years. The same mask with flexible corrugated tubing can be used for all types of tubes. There is no need for help in wearing a nato gas mask. Tube-type gas mask respirator allows users to work in a toxic atmosphere having contamination up to 2% based on volume.

The face mask is a universal type and made of soft rubber mold. Face masks are designed to fit airtightly any facial contour. Face masks have panoramas. Visor incorporates a unidirectional inhalation valve for inhaling pure air from the canister through the corrugated tubing and an exhalation valve for expiring the exhaled air from the face mask to the surrounding atmosphere.

Gasmask has been given a greeting transmission mechanism for communication. Tubes are made of sheet metal-containing chemical fillings that are suitable for protection against the specified gas. The canister is painted with corrosion-resistant paint according to the code for the gases they can absorb & carries labels indication the expiry date of the canister as well as the gases against which the canister is effective.

The visor equipped in the mask protects your eyes from smoke and excessive heat. The hood of the mask is heat resistant which helps you to remain safe and cool from the inside. The mask fits well around the neck to keep off poisonous fumes The mask filters the toxic gases properly in order to let you breathe clean air.