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All You Need To Know About Lower Back Pain

About 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their life. This condition causes more disability and sick leave than any other medical condition.

Low back pain can have many different causes. All of them are caused by excessive pressure on the lower back. This is usually due to the curvature of your spine or improper alignment of the pelvis.

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However, a chiropractor is the best option. They can help your spine return to its natural alignment and provide some relief.

A chiropractor can help reposition the bones and relieve stress on the surrounding muscles. This is not an instant fix.

Oddly enough, this is often caused by too many curves in the back. Imagine your lower back arched. If your spine isn't straight, you can see this.

This is how your body adapts to injury or weakness in other areas. This is a way for the body to take pressure off other areas. Your lower back becomes too heavy and in a bad position.

That's when the pain appeared.

Your condition is likely to be very serious at this point. You may have been suffering from this for some time and there is no quick fix. Most doctors will tell you that there is little or no cure other than spinal fusion surgery or pain medication.

How about a natural healing approach? The natural approach to a problem that cures it is not just to let it hang beneath the surface.