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All About Paint Stripper

Paint stripper is the process of removing paint from a certain object or surface for a specific reason. This can be done for renewal purposes or for health, eg: to remove paint that may contain hazardous chemicals such as lead.

The paint stripper can be done by a variety of methods. One of them can be through the use of appropriate chemicals which is the easiest and fastest way to remove paint. A paint stripper is applied first to soften the painted surface, then scrape or wash with water. 

There are several best paint stripper  available in the market:

All About Paint Stripper

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Liquids dry too quickly, so it's best to have neat coatings with only one or two coats. They are also suitable for irregular surfaces and stubborn pots. Brushes come in thick, pale forms that can be applied in an intense coat to keep them wet longer than a liquid to remove ten or more coats of paint in one application. Due to its added sticky formula, it can be applied to the top or vertical areas and washed off with water.

Aerosols are designed for convenience and speed when applying paint stripper Like sprays, they are sprayed onto the surface, but form a foamy layer thick enough to remove multiple coats of paint.