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3 Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Foundation repairs are not usually the first thing homeowners consider when making a significant investment. 

However, it is important to know the different signs of foundation problems before they turn into serious disasters. Here are a few signs that your home requires professional building restoration services.

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Cracks in Interior Walls

Cracks can appear in your drywall for many different reasons. If you live in an area with high humidity, the moisture can lead to cracks in your walls over time. Water damage from your roof can also cause cracks to form in the walls. But if there’s no sign of water damage, no insulation issues, and humidity is not a concern, these cracks could mean your foundation is uneven.

Cracks in Exterior Walls

While interior wall cracks can develop for various reasons, exterior wall cracks are almost always a sign of foundation failure. The brick siding can become uneven as the soil moves around under the house and the building adjusts to the movement. When inspecting your home’s exterior, look for long, horizontal cracks and cracks in the steps. Vertical cracks are a sign that the wall is rotating, which can also suggest an issue with the foundation.

Uneven Floors

As your foundation shifts, your floors will too. You might notice you can easily roll a ball down your living room floor, or there are soft spots in the flooring. You can identify this using a tape measure. 

Check the floors in multiple rooms and along the wall in several places. Uneven floors could also signify sagging beams or joists in your home, but regardless you should address this issue. Poor waterproofing can also cause water to creep in and warp your floors.